External Refuel Preselect Panel

LMS provides fuel gauging and interface controls for service, maintenance, and flight crew personnel, at the primary refuel point on the aircraft. 

External Refuel Preselect Panels can display the quantity of fuel in each tank, calculate the total quantity of fuel onboard, allow service teams to pre-select desired fuel quantity, and display fault codes.  LMS’ external refuel preselect panels are compact, lightweight, and rugged systems that can be adapted to a variety of platforms. 

The external refuel preselect panel has the following features:  

  • Start/Off toggle switch 
  • Receives fuel quantities from two separate ARINC 429 buses 
  • Displays several tank quantities and calculates the total quantity 
  • Displays preselected fuel quantity
  • Increment/decrement toggle switch used to preselect the desired total fuel quantity
  • Certified to FAA TSO C55A
  • Software DO-178
  • Environmental DO-160

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