LMS began in 1989 with one big idea – replace the metal tubes used in fuel probes with graphite composite. It was lighter, more durable and wouldn’t corrode. We began manufacturing these new probes shortly thereafter using the highest manufacturing and quality standards. We expanded into signal conditioners and fuel gauges, adding additional manufacturing and engineering staff. Today, our facility is fully AS9100:2009 and ISO9001:2008 certified. In 2006, the company moved to its current location in Georgia, Vermont where we currently develop and manufacture systems for some of today’s most well-respected aircraft, including the CRJ l00/200, MD-87, F-16, Chinook, Black Hawk, Apache, Comanche, Little Bird, Cobra, Huey, and S-97 Raider.


LMS strives to be the most trusted and reliable Tier 1 supplier of fuel measurement, management products, and services to our OEM partners and Tier 1 Integrators; always improving our reputation for innovation, integrity, and responsiveness.

Value Statement

LMS is committed to the principles of quality, growth, and security.  Our commitment to quality is defined by our people, products, and processes.  Our commitment to smart, sustainable growth allows LMS to expand its capability to engage with existing and new customers.  Our commitment to quality and growth creates a secure Company that provides meaningful, sustainable work for our people.


Engagement – We are fully engaged in the success of our partners, customers, suppliers, end-users, and stakeholders. Excellence – We are committed to excellence in everything we do. Integrity – We mean what we say and act accordingly. Innovation – We encourage curiosity and outside the box thinking. Teamwork – We are accountable and supportive of one another.


Committed to Reducing our Impact on the Environment.

Liquid Measurement Systems, Inc. is dedicated to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and the community in which we conduct our business. We are continually seeking ways to improve our business practices with regards to the environment. We have implemented the following practices in order to reduce our impact on the local and global environment:

  • Reducing solid waste by recycling and purchasing recycled products (giving precedence to post-consumer recycled products).
  • Buying locally whenever possible.
  • Conserving energy, water and other natural resources.
  • Reducing the use of toxic products.

LMS is an ITAR Registered Company

The Department of State has determined through a commodity jurisdiction, that our products are dual use for both military and commercial applications and are under the jurisdiction of Department of Commerce (Export Administration Regulation). Supplier Terms & Conditions

Our Customers Include: