LMS recognized again as a 2022 Best Place to Work in Vermont !


Designed to support and reward the great people of LMS and their families, our Benefits Package is not just about dollars & days off – it’s about our human, as well as financial, needs.

Full-time employees are eligible on DAY ONE for:

Personal Time Off Plan (PTOP)

All full-time employees begin with a base PTO of 17 days per year, earned cumulatively per pay period, which includes vacation, sick time, and personal time.  Carry-over of up to thirty-two (32) hours of unused PTO to the following year.  

Years of Service Completed

Hours per pay period (2 weeks)Days per Year
Upon Hire5.23 hours17 days
2 years completed6.77 hours22 days
5 years completed8.31 hours27 days
10 years completed9.85 hours32 days (maximum)

Alternate Work Schedule

Four schedule options to choose from:
  • Regular Work Week: 8 hours/day Monday – Friday
  • 9 hours/day Monday – Thursday with 1/2 day on Fridays
  • 9/80 Compressed work schedule – 9 hours/day with every other Friday off
  • Four Tens: 10 hours/day, 4 days a week

Paid Holidays

LMS pays all full-time employees for the following Holidays:
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day & Day After Thanksgiving
  • One Floating Holiday
  • Paid Annual Year-End Shut-Down, December 24th – January 1st

EAP – Employee Assistance Program

24/7 Free Access, Short Term Confidential Counseling

Health Insurance with HRA

Cigna Open Access Plus.  LMS pays 80% of copays and deductibles through the HRA, plus a generous share of monthly premium.  Employee share of premium is pre-tax. With HRA, annual employee out-of-pocket costs capped at $700 (single) and $1,400 (couple/children/family). 

Medical Insurance PremiumTotal Monthly CostLMS Pays per monthEmployee Pays per monthEmployee Cost per pay period
Single$    704.41$    633.97$     70.44$    32.51
Couple$ 1,479.07$ 1,056.50$   422.57$  195.03
Parent and Child(ren)$ 1,338.19$ 1,056.50$   281.69$  130.01
Family$ 2,112.90$ 1,408.67$   704.23$  325.03
HRATotal DeductibleLMS ContributionEmployee Contribution
Single$        3,500.00$     2,800.00$           700.00
Couple$        7,000.00$     5,600.00$        1,400.00
Parent and Child(ren)$        7,000.00$     5,600.00$        1,400.00
Family$        7,000.00$     5,600.00$        1,400.00

401 (K) Retirement Plan

LMS matches 100% of employee contributes up to a maximum of 5%.  Roth option is available. 

Life and AD&D Insurance Renaissance $50k Life Insurance and $50k AD&D — 100% of the premium paid by LMS. 

Short Term & Long Term Disability Insurance — Paid 100% by LMS

Accident Insurance  Pays benefits for accidents that happen off-the-job. LMS pays 100% for Employees. Optional additional coverage is available for dependents. 

Dental Insurance

Optional coverage through Cigna.  Paid by employee on a pre-tax basis through payroll.
Cigna Dental InsuranceEmployee Monthly CostEmployee Cost per pay period
Single$          38.45$          17.75
Couple$          75.89$          35.03
Parent and Child(ren)$        112.67$         52.00
Family$        168.30$          77.68

Vision Insurance

Optional coverage through Cigna.  Paid by employee on a pre-tax basis through payroll.
Cigna Vision InsuranceEmployee Monthly CostEmployee Cost per pay period
Single$           6.08$          2.81
Couple$         12.15$          5.61
Parent and Child(ren)$         12.28$          5.67
Family$         19.60$          9.05

Full time employees are eligible following 6 months of service for: 

  • Scorecard Incentive Program – Annual program that rewards all employees when the company meets its performance goals. Paid quarterly, based on a percentage of annual earnings. Key metrics are Net Income, On-Time Delivery, and Quality.

Full-time employees are eligible following 1 year of service for: 

  • Tuition Reimbursement Plan – Provides eligible employees with the opportunity to obtain, maintain or improve job-related or career-related skills and competencies. 100% reimbursement for As and Bs, up to a maximum of $4,000 for academic courses or $2,000 for professional certifications.
  • Wellness Reimbursement – Annual benefit up to $350 for permissible exercise activities & equipment.

Full-time employees are eligible following 2 years of service for: 

  • $1,000 Vacation Stipend – Annual benefit to help employees make the most of their time off by helping with vacation expenses. If you go on vacation and you’ve been with us for 2 years, you’re eligible!

Everyone is eligible for: 

  • Free Fresh Fruit, Yogurt, Seltzer, Coffee and Tea
  • BBQ Wednesdays — every other week, all summer long
  • Summer & winter company events
  • Fall Harvest Pot-luck, Groundhog Day Chili Cook-Off, Annual Horseshoe Tournament, and more

Now a Best Place to Work in Vermont for the 9th year!

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