Customer Testimonials

Marcus Cole, Electrical Engineer of Robertson Fuel Systems

“LMS is a partner that I can rely on. We (Robertson Fuel Systems) get the attention and results we’re looking for in a timely manner, and I like that!”

Supplier Testimonials

Frank Nichols, CEO, President and Founder of Silicon Forest Electronics

“Liquid Measurement Systems is a partner in every sense of the word.  Together, we work on schedules, needs, data, product improvements, and issues.  The relationship is based on finding solutions and improvements going forward.  I wish all of our customers had the same levels of commitment to forward-looking purpose.  LMS operates on a philosophy of “WE”  and as part of a  “TEAM”.  We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence LMS has placed in Silicon Forest Electronics.  We are proud to be part of the LMS TEAM.”


Kylle R. Ayer, VP of HPI Manufacturing Inc.

“HPI Manufacturing Inc. has been a supplier of precision machined components to Liquid Measurement Systems since 2010. In that time, HPI and LMS have developed a very strong and mutually beneficial relationship. Our staff works closely with various departments at LMS including Purchasing, Engineering, Quality Control, and Production. What strikes us as unique about working with LMS is their deep level of commitment toward personal relationships and inter-departmental cooperation. Over the years we have been able to work on multiple projects with LMS and, in each instance, we were invited early on to participate in every aspect of the project. We have addressed cost reduction strategies, quality issues, and even manufacturing issues on our end to help make parts more “production friendly”. This type of commitment to a supplier/customer relationship makes LMS a very special customer. Liquid Measurement Systems is an organization we at HPI manufacturing Inc. are happy to work with and hope to grow with in the future.”

Customer Success Stories

Power of Persistence

LMS recently took on a technical challenge for a customer that tested our design in more rigorous environmental conditions, to greater accuracy, and with less of an error budget than any project we had previously taken on. In the course of the design process, our engineering team met with a series of questions that challenged some of our core assumptions, in ways we had not anticipated.

We persevered. We kept our customer informed with full transparency and integrity. Like any engineering organization, our job is to solve problems – and ultimately, that’s what we did.

As a result, we have a proven ability to deliver greater accuracy in extreme environments than ever before. Our relationship with the customer is only stronger and more collaborative as a result — and we look forward to taking on their next challenge.