(GEORGIA, VT – 2 May 2019) – Liquid Measurement Systems, Inc. (LMS) announced today that, effective immediately, it is reorganizing its internal management structure in order to accelerate decision-making and increase customer responsiveness. 

The move will eliminate the Company’s C-Suite and Operational Team and replace it with a single Director-level leadership team that will report to Company President William Fewell. 

The new team will consist of the following: Director of Strategic Development Jonathan Farnham, Director of Finance Sarah Paxman-Bean, Director of Technology Mark Connors, Director of Operations Edward Killackey, Director of Human Resources Martha Hanson, and Director of Government and Legal Affairs Greg Maguire.  The new leadership team will represent senior leadership at LMS.  Job responsibilities will include both external strategic and internal operational oversight. 

Fewell states, “Our new organizational structure will position LMS for even greater agility and responsiveness in a rapidly evolving market”.

Learn more about LMS at www.staging.liquidmeasurement.flywheelsites.com