Vermont aerospace firm sharpens focus on development and innovation

(GEORGIA, VT – 7 February 2018) – Liquid Measurement Systems, Inc. (LMS) CEO Scott Fewell announced today that the Company’s Engineering Manager, Mark Connors of Colchester, has been named Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective February 1st.

Prior to joining LMS as Engineering Manager in 2015, Connors held positons in program management and project engineering at UTC Aerospace, General Dynamics and Pratt & Whitney. Early in his career, Connors served as a flight test engineer in the US Air Force.

LMS is one of Vermont’s fastest growing aerospace companies, specializing in the design, development and manufacture of fuel measurement technologies for commercial and military aircraft.

Fewell states, “Mark’s knowledge, his passion for the aerospace industry, and his drive for excellence have helped prepare us for the strategic innovation that will guide this company’s growth in its second 25 years. As CTO, he will be responsible for the overall design integrity of our products, and the development of new products and new technologies. The vision, leadership and rigor he’ll bring to our executive team will be key to our growth and success.”