Along with the rest of the community, LMS has been tracking the spread of the COVID-19 virus and its potential impact on public health. Our number one priority is for the safety of our employees and their families.

As such, effective March 16, 2020, for the next 30 days, those employees who can work remotely will be required to do so. For those who are unable to work remotely, or those whose presence is required from time to time at the facility, LMS has instituted a protocol of social distancing and good hygiene that we believe will provide a reasonable measure of safety to those who remain on premises.

All employee international and domestic business air travel is suspended. Access to LMS’ facility in Georgia, Vermont is limited to LMS personnel, owners and vendors associated with maintenance of physical plant. All vendor and customer visits to LMS are suspended. Employees are discouraged from attending off-site meetings. Virtual meetings are preferred during this time.

LMS will make every effort to meet customer deliverables during this extraordinary time. Any questions and concerns should be addressed to the Company President.

Scott Fewell
Liquid Measurement Systems, Inc.